Bradley Pen Dragon released on bail after ‘children’s newspaper clippings’ were found at home


Notorious Western Australian pedophile Bradley Pen Dragon will be allowed back into the community after being released on bail for an alleged breach of his supervision order.

The 62-year-old is accused of being in possession of images of children, which is prohibited under the convicted rapist’s strict 62 release conditions.

Bradley Pen Dragon will be released despite breaching his supervision order. (file image)Credit:Ten news

During an appearance at Perth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday morning, it was revealed that Dragon had been taken back into custody after police found newspaper clippings with pictures of children in his home.

Dragon’s lawyer argued that his client did not realize the pictures were inside the house, as they had been given to him by Acacia Prison as part of an art program to which he was attending, and were still in a sealed package when found.

The discovery came after Dragon voluntarily handed over two pieces of abstract art he had made to his custodial officer after finding them in his prison belongings – one was a painting of a woman sitting in a bar and the other was a collage of faces.

His actions led the police to search the house and discover the newspaper clippings, which led to Dragon being taken back into custody just 48 hours after his release.

He has pleaded not guilty to breaching a requirement of a supervision order and will stand trial in October.

He will be released on bail and subject to an electronic bracelet and his conditions of community supervision.

Dragon has spent half his life behind bars on child sex abuse charges in Perth and Thailand, and maintains his belief that his attraction to children is natural.


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