Beijing Olympics skater Brendan Corey steps out of short track


Australian short track speed skater Brendan Corey’s hopes of emulating the Olympic heroism of Steve Bradbury ended with his failure in the men’s 1000m quarter-final.

Corey attempted a daring move from third place to crack the top two on the final corner of the race, but knocked out two of his rivals in the five-man race at Beijing’s Capital Indoor Stadium.

He was penalized after interfering with Dutch skater Itzhak de Laat and local prospect Ren Ziwei, with the official review deeming it a “change of lane causing contact”.

The quarter-final was won by Turkish Furkan Akar while the Dutch and Chinese skater also qualified.

Ziwei went on to win the gold medal in a controversial final.

After being revived mid-race to remove metal debris from the ice and repair a difficult spot, it appeared to be won by Hungarian Liu Shaolin Sandor, who has a Chinese father.

However, after several minutes of video officiating by the referee, Liu was penalized twice and given a yellow card. This elevated Ren Ziwei of China, who leapfrogged second place, to the gold medal.

Li Wenlong of China won silver. Liu Shaoang took bronze.

Corey, who has family in Australia, started racing for his adopted country in 2020 after representing Canada at youth level.

He had met an Australian coach at an international competition and decided to make the switch when a concussion in 2019 prevented Corey from skating for Canada.

The 25-year-old was in sparkling form heading into the second round of the competition, clocking one minute 23.908 seconds – an Australian record – to finish second in the eighth and final run on Saturday night.

He will have another medal chance in the 500m later in the week.

Bradbury won Australia’s first Winter Olympics gold medal at the 2002 Games in the 1000m, crossing the line first after all the other finalists crashed past him on the final corner.


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