Archdiocese launches Helping Kansas Women campaign

The Archdiocese has launched a new website ( to publicize all of the pregnancy resource centers and life-affirming organizations located in Kansas. SCREENSHOT

by Marc and Julie Anderson

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – Help the women of Kansas. It’s the name of a new campaign to help Kansas women facing difficult pregnancy circumstances “discover real resources that help Kansas women.”

According to Deb Niesen, a consultant with the Archdiocese’s pro-life office, the campaign consists of two parts, the first of which is the launch of a new website ( to “raise awareness of all of the amazing pregnancy resource centers and life-affirming organizations located in Kansas, including maternity homes and adoption agencies.”

Currently, the website features more than 40 pregnancy resource centers across Kansas. Its search capability allows users to enter a location or zip code to find resources. If none are listed for a location, the website allows users to swipe a map to find resources in other cities.

“We have all these amazing pregnancy resource centers that are individually doing amazing work,” Niesen said, adding that she wasn’t aware of any other websites or resources listing all of the pregnancy resources available in the whole state.

In addition to the website, Niesen said the campaign also includes 30-second TV and digital ads, most of which are running right now to make sure women know help and support is at their fingertips. arrangement. Videos are also available on the site.

That’s where Leah Conner, executive director of the Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic, and Ruth Tisdale, executive director of Advice and Aid, have helped — pairing film crews with clients served by the centers.

“We really wanted to show the real deal and be authentic in what we presented,” Tisdale said. “We could have gone out and hired professional actors to share these stories, but nothing beats the real woman really having an experience.”

Most pregnancy resource centres, she explained, offer support not only during pregnancy but beyond, sometimes up to three years after the birth of a child.

“I always say we all have the same mission,” Tisdale said. Pregnancy centers offer everything from medical services to parenting classes to mentoring programs. It all depends on the location, budget and orientation of the center. The services a client chooses also vary depending on their needs and their own personal support systems.

For example, Tisdale said one of the women who shared her story said she felt lonely at first, but as soon as she walked through the doors of Advice and Aid she “immediately felt loved and accepted”.

After an ultrasound, Conseil et Aide staff and volunteers walked with her, helping her with her material needs but also giving her access to a support group and parenting classes for two years. The woman’s child is now 7 and Tisdale said she recently received an invite to the woman’s upcoming wedding.

Like Tisdale, Conner said she was happy with the campaign.

“In this climate, women need to know that we are there to help them. They’re not alone, and I love the way [the website] is intended for people to enter their postal code and find out where there is help near them. If that’s not enough, they can also see other women who have been in difficult situations and were able to get help,” Conner said.

Today, Conner said, the work of pregnancy resource centers is more important than ever.

“It is time for us to continue to be what we are called to be – what is available for women who are still going to face crises and who are going to struggle with their situation and who will probably be very, very fearful. , not knowing how it will turn out for them.

Other Resources

The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas is also trying to raise awareness of two other ministries, a revival of Walking with Moms in Need at the parish level and a digital ad campaign on The Rachel Project. To learn more about Walking with Mums in Need, a parish initiative to support women facing difficult pregnancies, visit the website at: To learn more about Project Rachel, a post-abortion healing ministry, go online at:


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