Ankara supplies agricultural drones to Baku




As part of a project titled “Detection of Surface and Vegetation Reflection Indices for Multipurpose Analysis of Multispectral Drone-Based Images”, a Turkish agency supplied agricultural drones to Azerbaijan.

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“The project is launched in cooperation with the Azerbaijani Agrarian Science and Innovation Center and the Faculty of Agriculture of Ankara University,” the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TÄ°KA) said in a statement.

As part of the project, three Azerbaijani specialists were informed about the use of drones in agricultural activities. In addition, theoretical and applied training courses and experience sharing programs were organized in the capital Ankara.
“The project included the donation of a multispectral drone, a pesticide spray drone and mapping and analysis software to Azerbaijan,” he noted.

“Thanks to the project, the surface reflection coefficient, indices of vegetation, diseases and the water and fertilizer requirements of plants will be identified, allowing versatile analyzes of multispectral images. Drones will also be used in pesticide applications and educational activities. “




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