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Nick Hughes-Jones, Commercial Director (CCO) of Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc. (NASDAQ: MIGI) joined Benzinga’s All-Access Show to discuss recent company developments.

Highlights of the interview are listed below:


  • Mawson Infrastructure is a digital asset company focused on Bitcoin mining.
  • Since listing on NASDAQ 2 months ago, it has amassed $ 45 million in funding and reached a market cap of $ 800 million.

Quarterly report :

  • In the third quarter of 2021, Mawson:
    • Recently declared earnings.
    • Purchased 17,000 additional mining machines.
    • Achieved a hash processing rate of 0.8 hash exa per second (ex / s) in November. This allows him to mine 4.5 Bitcoins per day.
    • Beginning of the 100 MW expansion of its mining facility in Sandersville, Georgia.
    • Signature of a partnership with Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners – an infrastructure fund for green energy.
    • Signing of a new 100 megawatt installation in Pennsylvania.

Funding and future plans:

  • Mawson raised a total of about $ 120 million; 25% of the company belongs to the board of directors and the management; $ 37 million was raised in August 2021.
  • Mawson plans to increase its processing rate to 3.5 ex / s by the second quarter of 2022, or 19.5 Bitcoin mined per day.
  • Mawson plans to further increase its processing rate to 5 ex / s by the start of the first quarter of 2023, amassing 28 Bitcoin mined per day.
  • Mawson is fully funded for the journey to 5 ex / s.

Company footprint, ESG strategy and mining pipeline:

  • Mawson currently has operations in 4 locations. Its flagship operation is located in Georgia, while the other projects are located in Australia, Nebraska and Pennsylvania. Hughes-Jones says there are potentially more to come.
  • Mawson contracted 220 megawatts of power. It bought 200 modular data centers, more than 100 transformers and 40,000 miners according to the CCO.
  • Mawson says he takes his environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) seriously with 75% of his energy coming from non-carbon sources. The 25% fuel-based energy is offset by carbon offset credits. The company bought 22,000 tonnes of carbon credit in 2020.
  • Mawson has planted 25,000 trees to date and plans to plant 53,000 trees in 2022, for a total of 78,000.
  • Mawson sponsors schools in the Sandersville, Georgia area, as well as the Washington County Medical Center and Buhl Park (community center) in Pennsylvania.

Sources of energy:

  • Nuclear, hydro and wind power is used to power 75% of Mawson’s energy.
  • Its Georgia facility uses nuclear power from Plant Vogtle owned in part by Georgia Power Co. (NYSE: GPJA), which is owned by Southern Company (NYSE: SO).
  • Its facility in Pennsylvania is one mile from a nuclear power plant, the Shippingport Atomic Power Station, and Mawson uses 100% nuclear power in Pennsylvania.

For more on Mawson’s breakeven point, his plans for when all Bitcoin is mined, and what he says is a key metric to differentiate Bitcoin mining companies, check out Benzinga’s video.

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