2,600-year-old ancient city of Perinthos to be revealed in northwestern Turkey



Excavations have started in the ancient city of Perinthos, which dates back to 600 BC, in the district of MarmaraereÄŸlisi, in the northwest of the province of TekirdaÄŸ.

In the work initiated by Professor Zeynep Koçel Erdem on behalf of the Department of Archeology of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Mimar Sinan University, experts from different fields are working alongside archaeologists on the site. Excavations are expected to continue for 12 months.

Speaking to the Anadolu Agency (AA), Erdem said experts believe Perinthos was created by colonialists from the island of Samos.

Noting that the purpose of these excavations is to reveal the history of the ancient city, she continued: “Perinthos was the capital of the Roman province of Thrace. It was the favorite city of the emperors of the time.

Declaring that the acropolis of the ancient city remains intact, Erdem said he has started work in this section.

“The acropolis is a large area and has public structures. The location of the theater can be seen clearly here. The theater building is a very interesting structure worth exploring.

Archaeologists and experts work in the ancient city of Perinthos, TekirdaÄŸ, northwestern Turkey, August 20, 2021. (AA Photo)

Erdem explained that students and faculty members of Mimar Sinan University will continue the excavations.

“Due to the pandemic, we started working with a team of 15 people at first. Soon we will increase the number and carry out excavations in different parts of the city, ”she said.

The excavation team plans to create a route starting from the basilica and reaching the acropolis. Once the project is completed, signs will be placed along the road to inform visitors.

Ahmet Hacıoğlu, the provincial director of culture and tourism, said that the historic town of Marmaraereğlisi looks like an open-air museum and traces of many civilizations can be seen here.

Emphasizing the importance of the excavations in the ancient city for the historical and cultural tourism of TekirdaÄŸ, HacıoÄŸlu said: “The most important pillar of historical and cultural tourism in TekirdaÄŸ will be created with the excavations in the ancient city of Perinthos. From now on, local and foreign tourists who use the TekirdaÄŸ routes in transit will first visit Perinthos and then the places that are home to other historical and cultural tourist elements. “



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