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Two Filipino actors from the United Arab Emirates were recognized for their profession at the World Film Carnival in Singapore and the Halicarnassus Film Festival in Turkey.

Ron Jordan De Ocampo, a 31-year-old salesman at Shades Global in Dubai, played the role of Jepoy, the main character of “Apo” (grandson), a production of Kikoman Films (KMF)

Photo courtesy of Benjohn Tamayo

“I really expect our film to win awards – the plot of the film isn’t something viewers could predict – but it wasn’t on my radar that I will be ‘best actor’ at the during the World Film Carnival in Singapore, ”he admitted in an interview via Messenger on December 11.

De Ocampo has participated in other award-winning KMF film projects like “Langay-Langayan sa Nanunuyong Palayan”, “Pamilya Braces” and “Angas”, but “Apo” is the first film that featured him as the main character. .

“’Apo’ shed light on the realities of life on the streets. I had no idea how the street dwellers survive life, especially in this time of pandemic, but when I got soaked in the script, like I was put in a trance and feeling each one of their trials. What made it more memorable to me was the very foundation of love; this one would do anything for the good of those close to him, even if it would affect his morality, his body and his life.

Benjohn Tamayo, on the other hand, the co-founder of i.Flex Fitness, played the main character in “Puti” (Le Blanc), also a production of Kikoman Movies (KMF).

Photos courtesy of Ron Jordan De Ocampo

Photos courtesy of Ron Jordan De Ocampo

“I didn’t expect to win the ‘Best Actor’ award at the Halicarnassus Film Festival in Turkey. I have always given the best of my ability and put all my heart into what I have always loved to do, which is acting, playing music and helping people to be in good shape ” , added the fitness trainer in an interview via Messenger on Dec.11.

Tamayo was also the head of the KMF music department.

It was he who created the theme song for this film which he called “Marikit” as well as the theme song for “Apo” which he called “Kubli”.

“’Puti’ is not my first project with KMF but it is my first protagonist role and my first horror and love story movie. I generally like playing different characters – the more I get unrecognizable, the better I can test my effectiveness as an actor.

“Thanks to this film, I learned not to give up my passion and to stay authentic. And for that, I want to thank our director Francis LJ Gacer, cast and crew Anne Barredo, Meljun Villoria, Cary Dimacutac, Billy Billones, JM Yldefonso, Merrick Natal, Allyson Sadian, and talent coordinators Joseph Binayao, Jenelyn Empasis, and the rest of the KMF team. —LBG, GMA News

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