After the request, consumers will immediately receive their Credit Bureau information. Simply download the registration form online. You can contact the credit bureau in writing or online at www.meineCredit to be requested. So you can request your Credit Bureau information for free. Now with the free Credit Bureau information.

Free: Credit Bureau information online

Free: Credit Bureau information online

With you get an online access to your own Credit Bureau information (instead of 9.95 € activation fee). There is also a free update service for 100 days, which you do not necessarily need if you do not have something to do with it every day: otherwise, of course, I have to point out that every citizen is entitled to a completely free consultation once a year.

You can do this with the Credit Bureau or you go about self-disclosure. There are also other credit agencies listed, which are then contacted automatically. This is only possible by mail or fax, but here it would be completely free!

Apply for free Credit Bureau self-assessment – How does it work?

Apply for free Credit Bureau self-assessment - How does it work?

Credit Bureau information is an indispensable part of the economy. That’s why they are no longer out of our house. Whether you are signing a new mobile phone contract, arranging a partial payment with the provider, or applying for a loan from your principal bank, a credit check is always welcome. There are two ways to find out about the Credit Bureau free of charge. You can apply for this at Credit Bureau or create an online account.

The Credit Bureau can ask every consumer once a year for free. Use the start page www.meineCredit and call first the menu item “Information” and then under the products the button “Data overview according to § 34 Federal Data Protection Act”. With a click on order now under the points overview according to 34 BBDSG you get to the order form for the Credit Bureau.

Your personal information (name, gender, address, date and place of birth) will be requested. If you have moved within the past 12 months, we recommend that you enter your previous address under “Other information”. With the tick “Order data according to 34 BDSG” you can request your overview over the past 12 calendar months. This data overview contains information from your contractual partners about your trading experience, eg your payment history.

If you also want to be informed about the current probabilities regarding your payment behavior, please tick the box “Current probabilities”. For the German citizenship a copy of ID and the certificate is sufficient. For foreign citizens you need a copy of ID. In a few days you will receive your Credit Bureau information at no extra charge.

Please understand that only the order of the data overviews according to 34 Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the respective valid probabilities are free of charge! Online access can be established via the internet platform. Click on the menu item “Credit Bureau Information Online” and then on “Order Now”. Your personal details (address, place of birth and date of birth, previous addresses) will then be queried.

Setting up an online entry at www.meineCredit is priced at 18.50 euros. This has the great advantage that you can see your Credit Bureau at any time and without restrictions.